Knife of goons will rip Riya’s throat, Abhi-Pragya will be able to save daughter’s life

Kumkum Bhagya 11 Sept Preview Episode: A big twist has come in Kumkum Bhagya right now. On the show, Gundo puts Riya’s life in danger. Knife of goons will rip Riya’s throat, Abhi-Pragya will be able to save daughter’s life Riya Ganpati takes part in the festival. Prachi tries to tell her that two thieves have entered the pandal. But Riya won’t believe him. Today, the show will show that as soon as Prachi reveals the truth of those two goons to everyone, the other goon Riyapar will attack from behind and will put a knife around his neck.

When the first goon pushes Prachi strongly, she will fall into Ranveer’s arms. After this, Abhi will come from outside, he will not have any news about what is happening in the house. Now on the show, it will be quite interesting to see how both Abhi and Pragya face this difficulty. Abhi loves his daughter so much that in such a situation he will say that if my daughter gets a single chance, you will not be saved. Watch Video: –

Let me tell you, two thieves were eyeing the precious necklace of lakhs offered on the statue of Ganapati Bappa. For this, he had also made a plan that he would drop the chandelier and create a stampede. But Pragya fails the chandelier’s chandelier plan. After this, the thieves make a plan that they will capture the daughter of Mr. Mehra and then rob the necklace.

Earlier, the show featured an epic episode in which Pragya and Abhi were reunited. Fans were very much looking forward to Abhi-Pragya’s union. After a long time, Abhi Pragya was shown on the screen right now. Abhi Pragya meets at the puja pandal of Ganapati Bappa. Ganpati festival is organized at Mr. Mehra’s house.





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