Cheap WordPress Hosting Services | When its time to blogging, we have some issues of option that ‘What is domain? and what is hosting? and where I set up my website. Then Many of persons said to you create a blog in WordPress or Blogger. I asked to create a blog in WordPress if you continue in long. So, Here I will show you some cheap WordPress hosting service.

BUT, If you are new to WordPress, then you are confused to choose the Best cheap wordpress hosting for the first time. Because ‘Choosing the correct hosting is the first footprint in your online career.

Here’s a complete, in-depth look at the hosting market in the WordPress space. These are the 5 best cheap WordPress hosting services in 2020.

In this post, I will show you the best cheap wordpress hosting provider for your wordpress blog. we all know that as a beginner, selecting the right hosting provider is not only difficult but also a headache.

How To Choose The Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

I’ve set some basic ground rules for the software, cPanel, security, WordPress optimization, PHP version, Mysql version and so on. However, before I share my list of top WordPress hosts, let’s take a look at the official requirements required to run WordPress software properly in any hosting environment.

If you have some big goal like to make money from the website and set up a successful website then you need to paid service.

Speed: 2020 is all about the need for speed. If the hosting environment is not optimized for WordPress, then it is not idle to expect a fast WordPress website to shine.

Traffic or Bandwidth: Some high-end wordpress hosting service offers you high traffic like 50000+ monthly visitor. But do not worry, because you are a beginner, in 99% of cases this is nothing to worry about. If you’re just starting out with a new website, you won’t even get close to launching the 10,000-visit mark.

Disk: You will need at least 3-4 GB disk space for uploading images, photo or any document which is best for a beginner.

Website Allow: Most of cases you are allowed to use one website in one hosting account.

After that, Server Location is very important for two reasons: speed and delay. The location of the server is directly related to the load times for your inactive customers and visitors.

Top 5 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Services

So let’s started with our recommended ‘Top 5 cheap wordpress hosting services’.

1. Siteground (Fast & Secure Web Hosting)

siteground hosting offers 2020

Siteground is one of the Best cheap wordpress hosting service recommended by

According to my experience, SiteGround has developed an internal caching technology called Supercacher, which makes a WordPress blog faster. Supercacher is an advanced website optimization solution that uses Varnish Web Accelerator.

However, here are some special Features about Siteground. 

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2. Bluehost (Best Web Hosting)

best wordpress hosting providers 2020

Bluehost is another hosting service officially recommended by

They are the best cheap hosting for WordPress and their hosting plan currently costs only $3.95/month for the first year, and with unlimited bandwidth and storage, this plan provides complete value for the money.

Here are some special Features about Bluehost Hosting.

If you use Bluehost, you will get a free domain name with your hosting purchase for the first time. Saving for the beginner.

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3. A2 Hosting (Fast Web Hosting)

a2hosting coupon code 2020

A2 Hosting is another low-cost WordPress hosting. On their homepage, they claim to be 20x faster than your current hosting. Amazing….

Their cheapest WordPress plan starts at $ 2.96 / mo for a minimum of 12 months and then renews at $ 8.99 / mo. You will receive 25 email accounts and unlimited website transfers. Lastly, A2 Hosting guarantees 30-day money-back.

While there were many good aspects with A2 hosting, their last 12-months uptime is not ideal for us. Coming in at 99.93% with a total of 6 hours of downtime each year.

Here are some special Features about A2 Hosting:

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4. HostGator Powerful Website Hosting

best hostgator plan for wordpress 2020

Hostgator is, without doubt, one of the biggest and most popular web hosting brands today. Hostgator provides you the best hosting service.

Hostgator’s cheapest plan costs $2.75 per month for a single domain name. For this, you get unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free domain name for 1 year, instant backups, free SSL.

Here are some special Features about Hostgator:

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5. DreamHost (Web Hosting With Purpose)

cheap wordpress hosting services

DreamHost is a popular, well-established hosting service in the US with more than 500000 customers. They are also listed as a recommended WordPress host by WordPress. website, such as Bluehost and SiteGround.

Here are some special Features about Dreamhost:

Dreamhost’s hosting level provides a solid-state drive for all. DreamHost is one of the very few companies that provides SSD for shared hosting. The best part is that you do not have to pay any extra for hosting SSD with DreamHost.

It is important for you to know that SSD hosting has increased the functionality of your website by 200%.

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CONCLUSION: Cheap WordPress Hosting Services 

I could include many more hosting but it will lose the purpose of finding inactive hosting for your WordPress site.

It is my final recommendation to choose the best Cheap WordPress Hosting.

Getting Started

  1. Siteground
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. Bluehost

Growing Time

  1. Siteground
  2. Hostgator
  3. Dreamhost


1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source hosting platform that is maintained by a community. Except Blogger WordPress is hosting service where you can customize your website easily.

2. What kind of website can i create on WordPress?

You can create any type of website in WordPress.

3. How WordPress hosting is different from regular web hosting?

We are stumbling across a number of hosting companies offering 2 types of shared hosting solutions: Simple Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Confused? I was also when I read these two types of different but similar solutions. I thought that this was just a promotional tactic for more WordPress based users to opt into their shared hosting solution under a different name.

However, after extensive research and analysis and checking with many webmasters on the web, I changed my mindset. There are many differences between web hosting and WordPress hosting.

I hope you like our best collection of 5 CHEAP WORDPRESS HOSTING SERVICES IN 2020. Helpful, Please don’t be cheap to share the collection also to your friends.

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